Virtual sports: what it is and how it works

Many people out of inexperience believe that betting on virtual sports and betting on e-sports are one and the same, although in reality this is not at all the case.

If esports betting is a bet on the outcomes of gaming tournaments, where teams of real people compete with each other in computer games, then virtual sports betting is nothing more than a beautifully veiled online casino (slot slots), where matches are simulated using artificial intelligence and using a random number generator. The game modeling is based on statistical data (strength of opponents, past results, individual performance, injuries, etc.).

Sometimes some gamblers also mistakenly believe that bets on virtual sports are based on virtual money (conditional money), which is also mistaken – bets are made only for real money.

Virtual sports betting appeared relatively recently, and managed to find its audience, though not very wide. For a serious game, many players prefer to choose real sports in the old fashioned way. most bettors have a very skeptical attitude towards sports simulators.

This direction can be used only for fickle entertainment, some kind of fun, for which you can allocate a small amount of money in order to spend your free time with excitement and interest when there are no popular matches in real sports.

Benefits of betting on virtual sports

– Availability . Constant availability of events – continuous virtual tournaments take place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so there will never be any problems with the availability of virtual matches. In addition, the transience of games is very high – not just a few matches and rounds, but several seasons, amounting to thousands of games per day, can take place in a day. On the one hand, the abundance of events is a plus, because there is an opportunity to make money in a short time, but on the other hand, people who do not know how to manage their emotions are at high risk of losing money quickly.

– Live bets and accumulators . In sports simulators, as in real sports, it is possible to bet not only on upcoming events, but also to make live bets on matches taking place in real time. In addition, there is also a choice to play not only with classic single bets , but also with various types of multi-bets, for example, popular express bets .

– Availability of video broadcasts . When betting on real sports, many people know how difficult it is at times to find live coverage of the matches you want, especially in second-rate championships. In virtual sports, this drawback is absent – each virtual match is accompanied by a mandatory online video broadcast in 3D graphics, and only on the bookmaker’s website. True, due to the tightly timed games, only cuts of sharp moments can be observed in broadcasts, so this advantage will not play a special role for live betting.