Sweepstakes and sports betting: differences

What is TOTO, or sports betting?

Sports betting is a bet on the outcome or the exact score in a certain number of matches offered by the betting operator. These can be matches from one sport or from different ones. Winning in TOTO does not depend on the odds, but on the number of predicted events that won people in the draw and the total amount of their bets.

The prize pool is formed from the bets of the participants. Usually the organizer takes 10% of the pool. After all the sporting events have taken place, the TOTO operator distributes the prize fund among the players who guessed at least the minimum required number of events. The more events a participant guesses, the more he gets a share of the prize fund. Also in the sports betting there is a jackpot for those who predicted all the events of the draw.

Within the framework of one draw, a sweepstakes client can place more than one bet. Along with the increase in the number of combinations, the amount at risk of the player also increases.


The most popular type of sports betting. To win the 1X2 TOTO, you have to guess the outcomes of the matches. Usually 15 events are required to predict, and at least 9 outcomes must converge to win. There are mixed TOTOs with one sport.

Correct Score

In a totalizator of the “correct score” type, you need to predict the final score of the matches. Fewer events are offered to predict than in the “1X2” sweepstakes, and the winning bar is lower. Usually you have to correctly score in at least 2 out of 8 matches in a draw to get your share of the prize.

What is horse racing tote?

Tote on horse races is a betting game based on mutual bets between participants on a winner or a place in a horse race, and the organizer acts as an arbiter. The sweepstakes accepts the players’ bets, forming a common pool. After determining the result of the race, the pool is divided among the winning players in proportion to the amount of their bets. Here, the total pool is also less than the total amount of money put by the participants, because the organizer takes a share for himself as a reward.

How does a tote differ from a bookmaker?

Based on the foregoing, we can distinguish several differences between sports betting and a bookmaker:

  • Lack of odds.
  • The inability to know the potential winnings in advance: it does not depend on the odds or the amount of your bets, but on the number of winners and the total pool of money.
  • Restriction on the type of bet that can be made.
  • Lack of choice of matches to bet on. The set of games for the draw is determined in advance by the TOTO organizer.
  • The presence of a jackpot. This is an additional amount that is paid if all events in the sweepstakes are correctly predicted.

Sports betting is not popular with gamblers looking to make money from bookmakers. This type of sports betting is incompatible with professional play. This is because the calculation of the value bet is impossible, because there are no odds, and several outcomes must converge at once to win. And it is difficult to predict the amount of the payment. But this is great entertainment for amateur players, which makes it possible to win a lot at once, risking little. In this way, TOTO is similar to an express or a system. And TOTO is also much easier to carry out. The organizer does not calculate the odds, does not risk losing money and takes a fixed percentage of the amount of bets.