Virtual sports and eSports betting – the advantages and difficulties

One of the curious topics in modern betting is, perhaps, esports, visiting the site . Yes, this is a very intriguing topic – especially when it comes to professionals who seek to make money on sports and are constantly learning something new. In fact, virtual sports is not a sport in the full sense of the word – we have a classic casino model, where RNG (random number generator) is used, which, in turn, drop out with some imaginary probability.

Will it help in making money and how can you make money on virtual sports? Step one – working with bets on virtual events. In essence, the basic canons are observed here and techniques from classic sports betting work, but we must not forget about the unique details and specific moments. A fairly large number of nuances and questions arise – we are talking about the duration of virtual games, the ability to work live and the organizer’s honesty – are there any “twisting” algorithms. However, it is not yet clear what is worse – “agreements” or custom algorithms.

We will leave this question for future publications – it is very extensive, interesting and promising. But the second method is interesting, first of all, because of its abstraction from the classic topic of earnings. The concept of virtual sports also often includes e-sports and it is about this popular industry that we are talking about.

Esports today

Despite the fact that in Russia esports has been recognized at the official level and now it is one of the full-fledged sports, clearly defined, there are no defined boundaries here. Yes, we are talking about computer games and games in which a number of conditions are met (first of all, a competitive moment) is called eSports.

However, there is also an alternative meaning – the emulation of real sports, as well as the formation of a gaming infrastructure around this kind of games.

How to make money on esports?

There are several ways – classic bets, or direct participation in the game. So, for example, you can become a member of a football team or manage an entire football team (FIFA tournaments). Thus, the player gets the opportunity to win in proportion to the tournament fee, or to receive additional income in excess of this.

But back to the topic of our portal, namely betting and e-sports betting. A huge number of game strategies exist and can be used here. By the way, the industry has its own peculiarities – there are coefficients in the usual sense in esports, bettors are more willing to use the abbreviation ROI – the return and turnover rate.